If you are looking for the best of both worlds, we offer Big White to Silverstar intermountain transfers. adventure Awaits! #adaywithdot

Choose between a 1-hour grocery and liquor shop or pre-order all of your supplies from one of our partners.

skier at big white ski resort

Big White / Silver Star Inter-Mountain Transfer

Do you need a transfer between resorts? With the total driving time being under 2 hours, you get the best of the Okanagan Champaign Powder! Exactly like our Private Ski Shuttles, we will pick you up on your schedule, and make a 1 hour complimentary stop in between for your groceries and liquor.
We Now offer tiered pricing for all of our Ski Shuttles.
2-4 guests – Minimum Charge based on 4 adults: $620.
5 - 7 guests, $145/adult, $115/child(under 13).
8 or more, $135/adult, $105/child (under 13).

  • 2022 - 2023 Pricing

    We now offer tiered pricing for all of our Inter-Mountain transfers between Big White and SilverStar.

    Children are those aged 13 and under.

    • Minimum charge is based on 4 Adults = $620 return.
    • 5-7 total guests = $145/adult, and $115/child.
    • 8 or more total guests = $135/adult, and $105/child.

    Other FAQ’s

    • All shuttles must be booked in advance.
    • Prices are in Canadian currency, and are subject to GST (5%).
    • VISA, Mastercard and American Express accepted.
    • Please contact us for one way pricing.

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    We also off Winter Wine Tours from Big White and SilverStar.

  • Booking your Shuttle

    How to book your shuttle:
    Step 1: Click on the button below to let us know a few things about you and your travel plans.
    Step 2: We will email you our booking form to complete.
    Step 3: Once you send us the completed form, we will send you a confirmation of your booking.

  • Payment/Cancellation Policy
    • a credit card is required a the time of booking to secure your shuttle
    • payment is required at time of booking in order to secure your shuttle
    • Upon receipt of notice of cancellation, the balance of your trip fee will be refunded according to the following schedule:
      • 1) 30 days or more prior to your arrival, full refund.
      • 2) between 7 and 30 days prior to your arrival, full refund less 10% of Total Price
      • 3) within 7 days, no refund.
    • Discover Okanagan Tours endeavors to get you there on time, however we will not be held responsible for delays due to circumstances such as bad weather, accidents, road closures etc
  • Private Ski Shuttle FAQ's

    Does your Big White Shuttle take us directly to our condo, or do we have to switch buses when we get to the mountain?

    All our ski shuttles are personalized. We pick you up when YOU are ready to go, and we drop you off where you need to go. We can usually back our vans right up to your door and our drivers will help to haul your skis / boards / groceries / boots / booze etc as far as you’d like them to go. Our license requires us to prebook all our shuttles so we can’t necessarily operate like a taxi. We can however, schedule a stop in town to pick up groceries and liquor on the way.

    How much can we save by doing our grocery and liquor shopping in Kelowna?

    We do not track the prices of the convenience stores on the mountains, but you can imagine that they would be significantly more expensive than in Kelowna or Vernon. The variety has traditionally been somewhat limited for fresh foods and meat. We’ve been told by more than a few of our clients that they paid for their shuttle by shopping in town.

    What if there’s a blizzard or an accident and the Big White road closes?

    It hasn’t happened to us yet, touch wood, but extreme weather does go hand in hand with ski resorts that get nearly 10m of snow every year. The resorts that we shuttle to have extremely well organized road maintenance crews that do an unbelievably good job of keeping the road clear. If however, there is a road closure for whatever reason we will do everything in our power to get you safely to your destination with a minimum amount of hassel. (We obviously cannot accept responsibility for such things but please rest assured that if you miss your flight as a result of a road closure or other unforseen delay, we will assist you in any way that we can in dealing with your airline) Again, our record to date is perfect.

    How much insurance do you have on your vehicles?

    We carry at least 5 milliion dollars in third party legal liability on each of our shuttle vehicles.

    How early can we go to the airport?

    We understand that some people like to go to the airport several hours before their flight, and others actually enjoy sprinting through the airport while the final boarding call is being made! Experience has allowed us to come up with some guidelines which we’ll recommend when you book your shuttle, but we are more than willing to pick you up exactly when you’d like to go. Many of our customers take great comfort in knowing that our drivers are instructed to arrive on the mountain 15 minutes prior to your scheduled pick-up time. You’ll find them waiting patiently outside, ready to go when you are. (please confirm with your accommodator that your check-in and check-out times are acceptable to them)

    How much should I tip my driver?
    Tipping is not expected at Discover Okanagan Tours, but is customary at any service organization in North America. If your driver brought you to or from your resort on time, made you feel safe and comfortable while on the road, or in any way exceeded your expectations, then we recommend a tip of at least $5 Cdn per person. Historically, tips range between $5 and $20 per person for a one-way trip.

  • Child Passenger Safety
    It is our duty that the safety of our guests is our top priority. British Columbia has strict rules when it comes to child passenger safety, and we need to ensure that we follow the rules of the road. We are proud to be able to offer child seets for some of our guests, but we do have a limited supply. If you would like to rent one of ours for your transfer, we will be able to provide them to you if they are available. Please take note of the rules below to see which type of seat you may require. These rules are direct from the Insurance Corporation of B.C’s website as of June 26, 2019. For the latest updates, please visit:  https://www.icbc.com/brochures/Pages/child-car-seats.aspx
    • From birth until at least one year old and 9 kg (20 lbs).

    • Place in back seat. Position centre-rear.

    • Do not install on front seat in proximity to an active airbag.

    • Don’t rush to switch to a forward-facing seat — these guidelines are just the minimum requirements. Rear-facing child seats are safest for your baby or toddler, as they provide better support for their head and neck, as long as your child’s weight is within the seat manufacturer’s stated limit.

    • Use a convertible seat in the rear-facing position if the baby has outgrown the weight limit of the infant seat.

    • Must be over one year old and over 9 kg (20 lbs).

    • Up to at least 18 kg (40 lbs).

    • Place in back seat.

    • May remain rear-facing if allowed by manufacturer’s weight limits.

    • Always use with a tether strap.

    • Taller children may fit a combination harness/booster seat better.

    Booster seats ensure proper seatbelt fit. They raise the child to correctly position the adult seatbelt across the bony structures of the chest and pelvis. It’s safest if a child remains in a booster seat until they reach 145 cm (4’9″).

    • Must be over 18 kg (40 lbs).

    • Required until at least nine years old or 145 cm (4’9″), whichever comes first.

    • Place in back seat.

    • Booster is used with a lap/shoulder seatbelt.

    • Position lap belt low over hip bones and shoulder belt over shoulder and in front of chest.

    • Do not use a booster seat with only a lap belt.

    • It’s recommended you keep children in the back seat until 12 years of age.

    • The lap belt should fit low over the pelvic bones.

    • Shoulder belt should fit over the shoulder and snug across the chest.

    • Never put the shoulder belt under the arm or behind the back. This could cause serious injury in the event of a crash.

    • Keep the seat in an upright position, not reclined. Seatbelts were designed for upright seating. A deeply reclined seat can cause a passenger to slide out from under the seatbelt in the event of a crash.

  • Recomended Condos

    Coming Soon!

Discover Okanagan Tours is the preferred choice for private Okanagan ski shuttles. Choose between Big White, Silverstar Mountain, Revelstoke, Sun Peaks and all other BC ski resorts. All of our ski shuttles are Personalized and Privatemeaning we pick you up on your flight schedule. Best of all? You aren’t crammed into a coach with other travellers. What else makes our private Okanagan ski shuttles different? We make a special stop for groceries and liquor on the way to the mountain. We have been told that you will save so much money by shopping in town, that this service alone pays for your shuttle! Do the math and you’ll see. If you want to save some time and arrive at the mountain sooner, we also offer a FREE pre-order service for your supplies. If you have an extended stay and need more delivered, we can take care of you with the Discover Okanagan Tours Delivery Service. Adventure Awaits! #adatwithdot

What's included

  • Pick up from at Kelowna International Airport on your Schedule
  • Either 1 hour complimentary Grocery and Liquor store shop or Pre-Order of your supplies
  • Transportiation right to your accomodation, or central reservations if no early check in permitted.
  • Return transportation to Kelowna International Airport (When Applicable)

What's not included

  • Additional stops for Ski Gear / Winter Clothes / Etc., unless previously arranged.
  • Multiple Pick-Up locations unless previously arranged
  • Gratuity for your Guide